For the first 26 years of my life, I competed as a Speedskater. It was my job, it was my life, it was everything. Until it wasn't. After failing to make the 2014 Olympic team due to Mono, I retired for good. 

It was time to search for the next chapter in my life. I moved to Boston and helped my parents renovate their house for a year, I did a bunch of nothing around Salt Lake City for a few months, and eventually, my fiance Raychel and I decided to move to Denver. We didn’t know exactly what we’d do or where we’d live, but we knew Denver was it. Because of skating, I had never formally finished high school, so in 2015 I studied and received my GED. Soon after we arrive in Denver and I began at CCD. 

After my first semester studying IT, and through a part-time job, I discovered a love for graphic design. Little did I know that my entire life had revolved around beauty and design. It's what I strived for in my skating and what I strived for in life. 

It made so much sense!

I quickly made the transition in my work and in my studies toward design. I immersed myself completely in it, I was in heaven. I kept pushing myself to be better and do better, and was almost sure I would burn out. Over time the love for design only strengthened, and I knew I had found my true calling.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I hope you enjoy what I have to show you.

Take care!